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The business office at Medical Consultants strives to provide the same high quality, efficient service to our patients as our clinical staff. Medical information changes rapidly, and we do our best to keep up to date on the latest information to assist our patients with their financial and insurance needs.
Please check our Frequently Asked Questions section for assistance with many of the typical questions you may be having. Please feel free to contact our billing office at any time for questions about your insurance, payments, co-pays or deductibles, which are important in determining your out of pocket expenses.

To be considered for financial assistance, please contact our business office to request a financial assistance application.
Business Office - 765-281-2006 | Fax 765-281-2062 

Paying your bill is now easier than ever with Medical Consultants! Just fill out the form below, we will process your payment and notify you of payment completion.

Credit/Debit Card Info
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EXAMPLE: 2365398745898374
Card Expiration:
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Last 3 digits in the signature space on the back of the card.
Card Holder's Info
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EXAMPLE: John Smith
EXAMPLE: 123 W. Main St
EXAMPLE: Chicago
EXAMPLE: 47302
Phone Number:
EXAMPLE: 555-555-5555
Payment Info
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Account number in upper right portion of your statement.
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EXAMPLE: John Smith
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EXAMPLE: 100.00
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Online Bill Payment Refund Policy
All transactions processed via Medical Consultants PC online bill pay are eligible for a refund.
To request a cancellation of payment, please call 765-281-2006.
All requested refunds will be processed within 30 business days.

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